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Welcome to the EVO Galley.  Learn more about our incredible Titles and the expanding EVO Universe.

The First (7).jpg
The First (7).jpg
Genesis (The First Book Series 3)
ISBN: 9781976769955
PUBLISH DATE: March 2018
Almost two years since the Uprising, the world has drastically changed.
Sophia has taken up the mantle of the world’s champion superhero Freedom.
However due to her cryptic message to the United Nations the world is divided in regards to her role in it.

To some, she is a beacon of hope, while others see her as a new global threat they must find a way to deal with.

The aftermath of Peace’s attempted takeover of the planet has given rise to superhuman boosting and genetic hate groups.

In the midst of new chaos and global tensions, a sinister plan is being hatched against the inhabitants of Earth amongst the stars, while an ancient evil has been released slowly gaining strength and making his own plans for world domination.

From the mind of Kipjo Ewers comes the next chapter in The First series.

Genesis promises to give birth to many revelations.

When all is said and done, not only will EVO Universe will never be the same …it might not survive. 

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Fred___Mary_Kindle (3).jpg
Fred___Mary_Kindle (3).jpg

Fred can’t sleep.


Ever since his wife, Mary, was killed in front of him, Fred has been unable to rest.  After trying every conventional way to cope with the loss of his wife and best friend for almost a year, Fred decides to try something new.


He purchases a life size doll to share his bed.  

During the night, it provides Fred some comfort and eases the painful loneliness finally allowing him to sleep.

When he awakes, he begins to notice some strange and familiar events taking place within his apartment that leave him terrifyingly unsettled.

From the heart of Kipjo K. Ewers, Author of The First series and Eye of Ra, is a story for all who wish they had one more chance to say goodbye.

Find out if Mary has come back and found a way to communicate with her Fred.

Or, is it something else?

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Eye of Ra #1.jpg

ISBN-13: 978-1533455130


Before The First, there was the Eye of Ra.


Laurence Danjuma was a young man on the straight and narrow with hopes and dreams of making a better life for himself and the father who raised him. Fate and circumstance had a different idea in mind, breaking not just his body, but his will.


Now on the brink of death, an ancient power within his family’s legacy awakens to both save his life and place him on the path to his destiny.


As Laurence unlocks secrets about his true bloodline, he will stumble upon a dark one that will not only put his life on the line again, but also that of the entire human race.

Will Laurence find the strength to take up the mantle handed down to him in order to stand against the looming threat that could bring about the extinction of every single human on the planet Earth?


Can he be the hero he never expected to be?


From the mind of Kipjo Ewers, author of The First and EVO Uprising, comes another chapter in the EVO Universe lore.


Prepare for action and adventure that is not only out of this world, but on a god-like level.

The anticipated wait is over …


Here comes … the Eye of Ra.

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The First (5).jpg
EVO Uprising (The First Book Series 2)




Seven years after the Judgment Virus also known as the EVO Virus infected the planet, a portion of the Earth’s population of humans has died, while another portion has received powers and abilities. Superhumans now walk the Earth and are the norm. Some use their abilities for good taking up the mantle of heroes, others for evil becoming villains, while others join and form superhuman military units within their respective countries building towards another possible Cold War. 

Sophia Dennison, the first and most powerful superhuman on the planet, who inadvertently changed the world, is unable to fit in with the race she was once a part of, and unwilling to embrace the race she created. 

Living a life of semi-isolation she uses her power and abilities to help people as she sees fit taking no mantle.  However, a new threat to the planet will force her to not only confront several spectrums of her past but her possible destiny. 

Introducing the sequel to the action-packed novel titled The First, Kipjo Ewers brings you deeper into the new world of the EVO Universe where you either EVOLVE…OR DIE... 

Get ready for the UPRISING…

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The First (1).jpg



Sophia Dennison wanted a normal life.


She wanted to raise a family with the love of her life, and further her medical career as an up and coming surgeon in neurology.


Instead she was handed a shattered world as she was convicted and sentenced to death for the brutal murder of her husband.


After lingering four years on death row, Sophia takes her final walk in the Mountain View Facility in Gatesville and is put to death by lethal injection at 12:00 AM midnight.


Several hours after her execution FBI Agent Mark Armitage arrives at the Mountain View Unit investigating a serious disturbance that has occurred at the prison.


Upon arriving he finds the prison a warzone. After being debriefed by his friend and partner Dustin Mercer, he views the video tapes and finds that the source of the destruction is actually Sophia who was executed several hours before his arrival.


Footage reveals seven minutes after her execution, she miraculously resurrected breaking free of her bonds and overpowering several guards before being viciously gunned downed dying for a second time.


 But Mark Armitage remembers what his partner just told him….


Sophia Dennison actually escaped, and is now on the run….


The hunt is now on for the first actual superhuman.


Introducing an entirely fresh approach to superhero storytelling with an origin story that will rival all past origin stories, containing a hero readers have been waiting decades to discover and characters that will enthrall readers from the beginning to the Earth shaking end.


Be the first to read The First  and enter the EVO Universe! Evolve...or die...."

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Help! I’m a Superhero - Ebook Version.jpg
Help! I’m a Superhero - Ebook Version.jpg
Help! I'm a Superhero!




In the year 2050, Superia, a superhero MMO online virtual player, decides it is time to quit and leave the game forever.

In the middle of Superias last few hours of final gameplay, "she" falls asleep, and later awakens in what appears to be the game's new and improved upgraded platform.

However, this new world seems to be disturbingly real and on a different timeline.

Also, although this new world is still filled with superhumans, there is one major this 'game," there is no such thing as superheroes.

What is a player trapped in the body of a superhero avatar to do?

From the mind of Kipjo K. Ewers, the author of "The First" series, comes to a new adventure that is not all fun and games.

Get ready for "Help! I'ma Superhero!"

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The Elf and the Larp




In the Land of Ferrin, FAYliNN, A HALF-EIF / HALF-ORC woman, lives with her mother and works the life of a Farmer

Enduring Bigotry and cruelty.

Until one fateful day, She is Accident Ally saved by a human Ranger named BRIAN in the woods near her home.

The problem is Brian is not a Real Ranger.


He is a live-action role player that was somehow transported to her world.

Can the two solve the mystery of how Brian ended up in Ferrin while avoiding the land's perils and, most import Antiy, ...Killing Each other?

From the land of Kip jok. Ewers comes a comical Fantasy tale for the ages.

Find out what happens when fantasy meets role-play in the EIF and THE LARP


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War of Mortal Gods (1).jpg
War of Mortal Gods (1).jpg
War of Mortal Gods




Leaving off from the events of Genesis (The First Book 3), the Eyes
of Ra, Set, and Osiris are fighting their way off of Volori and back to Earth, which is now under quarantine by the Dominion Council.

Freedom has been captured and once again set to stand trial for universal crimes she did not commit before the Dominion Council.

With Freedom and Kimberly gone, the Regulators must reunite the
world for a possible invasion.


While Horus final makes his move to subjugate Earth, destroy the
Council, and conquer the universe.


The four-part story arc event that will change the EVO Universe
forever is here! Nothing or no one will be the same after

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Elf and the LARP - Ebook Cover.png
Elf and the LARP - Ebook Cover.png
The Elf and the LARP: Book Two




After the fiasco at White Way, Faylinn, Brian, and Jack come home to a feral Eletha after she imbibed on Wolf’s Bane root to medicate her condition.

Will the trio be able to subdue her and revert her back to a state of normalcy? Will Brian ever get to Mage Esters and find out how he ended up in the land of Ferrin and how to get back home to his world?

Can Brian also stay out of trouble long enough to make it back home alive?

Get ready for some more fantasy adventure with a side of comedy between a real-life elf and a fake ranger in “The Elf and the LARP” book two!

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Help! I'm a Superhero!: Book Two


ISBN ‏ : ‎  B0C9CL2B3C


"Help! I'm a Superhero! Book Two" takes you on another exciting adventure with Superia as she's trapped in an alternate reality. After quitting her superhero MMO online virtual game, Superia falls asleep during her final gameplay and wakes up in a new, improved version of the game on a different timeline. In this alternate world, Superia discovers that superheroes don't exist.

Now, Superia finds herself in the role of Donna at Wankan Tanka University among her fellow demi-god students, and Queen Sparta is watching her every move. Although Superia knows about all her powers, she's unable to access them without arousing suspicion. As she tries to unlock her abilities, she uncovers some startling revelations about the new world she's trapped in.

Will Superia ever discover the truth behind her entry into this new reality? Can she survive her first week of high school while keeping a low profile? Find out in "Help! I'm a Superhero! Book Two," another hilarious and action-packed adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat!

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Divided We Stand




You all know the date in the history books that symbolized the end of the greatest country in the world, the United States of America. In truth, we hadn’t been great for a long time, just a superpower with a lot of “money” to burn.

But on that date, everything changed.

It wasn’t due to an invasion, nuclear assault, or cyber-attack.

It wasn’t because of any virus deadlier than COVID, although we should be so lucky.

And it wasn’t a civil war or overturning of the government that did us in.

During some concise years, other countries found a way to become a far better alternative to us. And fed-up people, many of who were told to “Go back where they came from,” decided to do as they were told and went back where they came from…by the millions.

And I saw it all go down.

This is the story, told by my eyes, of how the United States of America fell because of the greatest walkout in history.

So, take a seat, pour yourself a stiff one, or spark up because this is about to be a rough read.

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This series is beyond amazing to me since I grew up being a nerd and sci-fi geek. And as much as I enjoyed reading the genre it was very rare that I came across narratives where people of color or minorities were the main characters in the story. The author has done a wonderful job of creating an alternative future with super humans and outlines the struggle and challenges that society deals with in order to process the jump in evolution. I would definitely suggest this series to anyone who is a fan of sci-fi and fantasy!

—  Charles Easley, Amazon Reader

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