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Call to all EVOs!  We need more amazing people like you to join the EVO Universe.  The EVO Universe principles itself on ensuring we represent and create works that reflect the evolution of our world.  As a result, we have built our universe on the commitment to have characters and fans that are inclusive, multicultural, ethnically diverse and truly original.  Therefore, we welcome you to become an EVO and unite with other EVOs as we continue to grow the EVO Universe. 


We are currently building our fan site, which will be finalized soon.  In the meantime, you can subscribe to our mailing list below and prepare to enjoy the many updates, perks and special events that EVO Universe will be presenting in the future.


It is great to have you as a part of the EVO Universe.  Remember the EVO motto... EVOLVE or, DIE.


Welcome to EVO Universe's visual arts and media studio.  You can view book trailers of the epic sci-fi, action adventure, super hero novels that are currently on sale; browse concept artwork for upcoming projects; and enjoy previews of various media projects from EVO Uniiverse.

book trailers

EVO Universe Fan Gallery
(Dedicated to all of our fans)

art gallery

Peruse concept artwork created by our commander, Kipjo Ewers, that were inspired by The First, which will soon be transformed into a spectacular project that EVO Universe will be releasing in 2016.