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Seven years after the Judgment Virus—also known as the EVO Virus—swept across the globe, humanity finds itself divided. Some have perished, while others have emerged with extraordinary powers, transforming into superhumans. These beings now walk among us, shaping a world where heroism, villainy, and superhuman military units become the new norm, hinting at the possibility of a Cold War on the horizon.


At the epicenter of this transformed reality stands Sophia Dennison, the inaugural and most potent superhuman on Earth. Unintentionally altering the course of history, she grapples with a sense of alienation from the humanity she once belonged to and an aversion to fully embracing the race she inadvertently created.


Choosing a life of partial isolation, Sophia wields her extraordinary abilities to aid humanity on her own terms, eschewing the conventional roles of hero or villain. However, a looming threat to the planet forces her out of the shadows, compelling her to confront not only the diverse spectrums of her past but also the potential destiny she may hold.


In this highly anticipated sequel to the adrenaline-fueled novel The First, Kipjo Ewers invites you deeper into the evolving landscape of the EVO Universe. Get ready for the UPRISING as you navigate a world where the choices are stark: evolve, or die.

EVO UPRISING: (The First Series Book 2) Kindle Edition

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