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In the year 2050, Superia, a superhero MMO online virtual player, decides it is time to quit and leave the game forever.

In the middle of Superia’s last few hours of final gameplay, “she” falls asleep, and later awakens in what appears to be the game’s new and improved upgraded platform.

However, this new world seems to be disturbingly real and on a different timeline. 

Also, although this new world is still filled with superhumans, there is one major change…in this “game,” there is no such thing as superheroes. 

What is a player trapped in the body of a superhero avatar to do?

From the mind of Kipjo K. Ewers, the author of “The First” series, comes to a new adventure that is not all fun and games.

Get ready for “Help! I’m a Superhero!”

Help! I'm a Superhero!: Book One Paperback

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