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Prepare yourself for an epic adventure, EVO!


Kipjo and  Jacquelin

EVO Universe Leadership

Reviewed by Red City Review

Average, every day people have been turned into superheroes and supervillans as a seemingly out-of-this world virus spreads across the globe in Kipjo K. Ewers book series, The First. In the second book in the series, The First: EVO Uprising, governments come to realize the need for superhero teams on their side as EVOs are now being born naturally, and many are turning evil. Former Marine, Sergeant Abe Rogers, gets selected to lead the first United States team, but his team only consists of five supernaturals including himself. He seeks the help of Sophia Dennison, Earth’s original superhuman, to train his team, but she doesn’t want to be overly involved in the world war between heroes and villians. With a team of people that Rogers considers to be meer babies with superhuman powers – a team that is not ready to fight – he is forced to take all of them straight to ground zero as supernatural satanic worshippers tear Manhattan and other heroes to shreds. As the supernatural war continues to rage, the connections and emotional bonds between these superhero team members and even Ms. Dennison may surprise you while the supsenseful ferocious action will make your heart race and keep your mind on its mental toes. And, the final pages will leave you waiting with bated breath for more.


The First EVO Uprising is filled with powerful scenes that elicit anxiety bubbling up within you as you grow attached to each and every superhero Kipjo Ewers shares with you. He has a way with expressing their deepest individual essences that easily draws you in. Be prepared though as there is a good deal of graphic violence and foul language within the story. But, Ewers interweaves the depth of friendship, love, and a powerful sense of team in a way that reminds you, the reader, that good will somehow always prevail over evil. He even brings into play snippets of unexpected humor as well as unexpected personal challenges for the characters. Reading The First: EVO Uprising can open your mind and heart to the value of respecting one’s skills, powers, and wisdom no matter his or her age, gender, or history. Kipjo Ewer did a superhero job in making The First EVO Uprising a powerfully entertaining sci-fi thriller.

Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite

There are so many tales and novels out there about meta-humans. I have read or watched most of them. The best of these tales are awesome, but since I read so many such tales I often find myself disappointed. Yet, I keep buying them as I look for that diamond in the mountain of coal. The First: EVO Uprising is the brightest diamond I have found in a long time. The writing is superb. The characters are diverse and very easy to love or hate. I was particularly impressed by the descriptions of military life. Abraham Rogers could have been my Drill Sergeant.

I'm a little in awe of Kipjo Ewers; he has put a totally new spin on the action packed meta-human genre and he has done it with the craft and finesse of more well known writers such as Stephen King or Tom Clancy. The First: EVO Uprising is at its core the age old battle between good and evil, but with a complexity of characters and elevation of consequences that keeps you turning pages. I loved Sophia. She is the first and most powerful; the source of all the powers the other meta-humans have. Kipjo Ewers describes and shows what she can do beautifully, and trust me, she can do a lot. But at the end of the day, she is as human and unfulfilled as most of us. I want to describe and tell you everything I love about this book, but I can't do that. So trust me. Buy this book.

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