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"Help! I'm a Superhero! Book Two" takes you on another exciting adventure with Superia as she's trapped in an alternate reality. After quitting her superhero MMO online virtual game, Superia falls asleep during her final gameplay and wakes up in a new, improved version of the game on a different timeline. In this alternate world, Superia discovers that superheroes don't exist.

Now, Superia finds herself in the role of Donna at Wankan Tanka University among her fellow demi-god students, and Queen Sparta is watching her every move. Although Superia knows about all her powers, she's unable to access them without arousing suspicion. As she tries to unlock her abilities, she uncovers some startling revelations about the new world she's trapped in.

Will Superia ever discover the truth behind her entry into this new reality? Can she survive her first week of high school while keeping a low profile? Find out in "Help! I'm a Superhero! Book Two," another hilarious and action-packed adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat!

Help! I'm a Superhero!: Book Two Paperback

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