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(co-founder/author, creative director)

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Kipjo K. Ewers was born on July 1, 1975. At an early age, he had an active imagination. By the time he started kindergarten, he would make up fictitious stories. One of his favorites was about a character named “Old Man Norris,” who hated everyone in the world except for him.

When he attended Our Lady of Victory Elementary School in Mount Vernon, NY, he continued writing and reading stories to his classmates. His teacher, Mrs. Green, told the children who laughed, that was how some of the great stories they read came about.

After elementary school, he went on to Salesian High School in New Rochelle, NY, and then on to Iona College, also in New Rochelle.

He would work for several major firms and companies within the New York area, but his passion was to become a journalist and writer. Therefore, it is not surprising he decided to write his first novel.

Kipjo began creating a new superhuman universe delivering original storylines and taking action-adventure to the next level. With his third novel, he continues to expand the EVO Universe lore.

Thank you for reading and for your support.


(co-founder/director + business development)


Jacquelin is the second and behind-the-scenes force in the EVO Universe leadership team. Jacquelin's business background and expertise created the ideal counterpart to Kipjo's creativity. As a creative, proud nerd and cosplayer herself, she understands the void that EVO can fill in our community. These insights guide the business direction of EVO Universe. EVO Universe's accomplishments under her leadership have included exhibiting at New York Comic-Con since 2017, and BookCon. EVO Universe continues to build a stronger presence and credibility within our industry and community. 

As a first-generation Belizean-American, Jacquelin understands the nuances, experiences, and challenges between being American and first-generation. These experiences apply to all first-generation people across the globe. This mashup creates diverse journeys and ultimately perspectives. Jacquelin is helping to pave the way for EVO Universe to serve the growing demand for this kind of original perspective and authentic storytelling.

Jacquelin is also the CEO/Founder of NICHEdg, an interior design and home staging studio based out of New York City. She also serves as the current Chairperson of the Real Estate Staging Association ("RESA"). Through Jacquelin's business and leadership endeavors, she wishes to demonstrate that you can bring your full self to everything you do in life and be respected as a professional and a leader.

Together, we hope to continue to demonstrate our commitment to evolving and having a positive impact on the evolution of our beloved fandom community. Thank you for supporting our journey as we grow our company and as we expand our 'verse. We appreciate each and every one of you.


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