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New York Comic Con 2019...New Releases!

That’s right sci-fi, superhero, fantasy, and EVO fans, the EVO Universe returns to this year 2019 New York Comic-Con!

Once again, from Thursday to Sunday fans get to meet the author and creator Kipjo K. Ewers of “The First Series”, “Eye of Ra”, “Fred & Mary”, and the upcoming “War of Mortal Gods” saga.

Purchase autographed paperback novels and audio-books and get information on new upcoming novels set to release in time for Christmas 2019!

Speaking of upcoming novels, here is a special sneak preview of the three new titles:

"Help! I'm a Superhero!" and "The Elf and the LARP", are completed and ready for final editing. "War of Mortal Gods is still in the editing stage and upon determination is getting additional chapters.

Once completed all three novels will be sent for final editing. We are working around the clock to get all novels ready in time for the holiday season.

So please, stop on by our booth, strike up a chat and learn what is next for the EVO Universe!

The upcoming New York Comic-Con is sure to be a blast!

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