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It took longer than I anticipated to write this novel, but it is finally here.

Book one of the major four-part story arc meant to rip open the EVO Universe is finally upon us.

As promised, War of Mortal Gods starts right where Genesis (Book 3 of The First Series) ended, so if you have not read that yet, I would advise going back and reading it as well as the other books including the Eye of Ra.

The War of Mortal Gods' title says it all, expect there to be War and expect a good amount of life to be lost. Let me say this bluntly...NO ONE IS SAFE in this arc. NO ONE.

And those that do survive will be forever changed once this is over in one way or the other.

The official date to pre-order your copy of War of Mortal Gods will be on Tuesday, July 28th at Midnight.

So get ready, because war is coming.

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