We greatly appreciate your interest in our works.  Our Titles are now available for purchase via the EVO Store.  Whether you are a traditionalist and prefer print books; a modernist and love eBooks; or, you love to hear the story come alive - we have a book for you.  All of our Titles are available in Paperback , eBook, and now Audiobook.  

We will be expanding our merchandise to include artwork, collectibles and soon - comics.  So, check back periodically or, join the EVO Fan Club to receive updates regarding releases and other great new merchandise!


Prepare yourself for an epic adventure, EVO!


Kipjo and  Jackie

EVO Universe Leadership


Allow the animated voices of the narrators reading the latest novels in audiobook format transport you to a world where heroes and villains either EVOLVE or DIE.

Whether you are in your car, taking a train, airplane, boat, or just sitting at home, you will feel as if you are right there with the heroes of the EVO Universe battling the forces of evil!