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After a painstakingly long wait, "The Elf and the LARP" is finally here!

Since I was a kid, I always was into things fantasy along with sci-fi. I have seen Excalibur, Dragon Slayer, and Princess Bride more times than I can count.

It would take five pages (maybe more) to list all the fantasy films and television series I have watched over the four decades of my life.

So, when I sat down and wrote, “The Elf and the LARP,” I wanted to go all out.

"The Elf and the LARP" takes Brian a live-action roleplaying ranger from our world and drops him into the world of Ferrin where he meets Faylinn a real live elf. The two of them must begrudgingly solve the mystery as to how Brian came to her world, and how if possible does he get back.

Let me be the first to say that writing an original story to cast into a sea of unique and fantastic stories is a significant undertaking.

But also a lot of fun.

"The Elf and the LARP" a four-part series novel will be up for pre-orders sales on Tuesday, July 21st at midnight.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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