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Help! I'm a Superhero! IS COMPLETED!

That’s right folks “Help! I’m a Superhero!” Has been completed! (Phew!) Can’t believe I wrote it in 4 months! “Help! I’m a Superhero!” is one of two short novels I intend to put out along with “War of Mortal Gods” the first major story arch in “The First” and “Eye of Ra” story-line.

I am happy to say that I have written 13 chapters for that so far, completed 7, and am working to finish 2 more by the end of this week.

“Help! I’m a Superhero!” is an ongoing short story action adventure dark comedy novel series about an MMO superhero gamer who goes by the name Superia who finds herself somehow transported to a world where real live super humans exist. But this world is not what it seems, and neither is Superia.

When three books are completed, they’ll go through editing. I hope to have them published hopefully by early July, or late August.

So be sure to follow us for updates on these brand-new adventures we’re putting out!

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