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EVO Universe Road to NY Comiccon

Hello EVOs. We are crowdfunding to raise funds to help with our presentation at New York ComicCon 2016. Please review the attached to learn more about our campaigns and how you can help us.

At EVO Universe, no good deed goes unrewarded! For your support, we are gifting an array of great perks - including free books, orginal artwork and Collector's Edition sets.

We want to be completely transparent about how we intend to use your donations. The funds that we receive will be used for the following:

- Printing paperback and hardcover books - Purchasing ISBNs and bar codes - Purchasing T-shirts and EVO branded apparel - Payment for artists to create custom art - Jacobs Javits Center exhibition fees - Furnishings and accessories to setup booth - Equipment to showcase works - Printing marketing materials - Fulfilling crowdfunding rewards

We have created exclusive rewards specifically for our crowdfunding supporters!

You can donate as little as $1 via your mobile device by clicking the photo below. Or, submit a donation via any of the following links:

You can donate as little or, as much as you like - even $1. Every bit helps and is appreciated.

Let's make an impact at NYCC together! Thank you so much for your generosity and support!

Kipjo & Jackie

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