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The First tells the origin story of Sophia Dennison, the first and most powerful superhuman on the planet.

Sophia Dennison wanted an everyday life. She sought to raise a family with the love of her life and further her medical career as an up and coming surgeon in neurology… But everything changed when she was convicted and sentenced to death for the brutal murder of her husband.

After four years on death row, Sophia takes her final walk in the Mountain View Facility in Gatesville and is put to death by lethal injection at 12:00 AM midnight.

Several hours after her execution, FBI Agent Mark Armitage investigates a severe disturbance at the prison. Upon arriving, he finds the place a war zone. After being debriefed by his friend and partner Dustin Mercer, he views the videotapes and learns that the source of the destruction is Sophia. Footage reveals that seven minutes after her execution, she miraculously resurrected, breaking free of her bonds and overpowering several guards before being viciously gunned downed and dying for a second time.

Sophia Dennison has escaped and is now on the run…. The hunt is on for the first actual superhuman.

This version has bonus concept artwork for only the kindle ebook version.

The First: (WITH BONUS CONTENT) Kindle Edition

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