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First and foremost, thank you for your interest in EVO Universe.  Publicity is key to our growth and success.  We welcome coverage from a wide array of professionals and publications.  Please include the following information with your request based on your professional category:




  • Name of media company

  • Size of audience

  • Link to website

  • Brief description of intended coverage




  • Name of publication

  • Size of readership

  • Methods of distribution (specifiy if distributed via print, online or, both)

  • Link to publication's website

  • Brief description of intended coverage




  •  Name of blog and direct link to your blog

  •  Please provide the number of unique monthly visitors to your site

  •  Include all social media handles and basic analytics (audience size, likes and follower count)

  •  Special achievements - i.e. Blog rankings and honors/awards

  • If you freelance for other publications, please include publication's name(s) and site links



Please submit your request to  Thank you again for your interest in EVO Universe.



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